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About Us

Introducing HYPOXI® - The Best Targeted Body Weight Loss solution on the market today

HYPOXI® GmbH, Salzburg, Austria:

Based in Salzburg, Austria, HYPOXI® GmbH is the manufacturer of HYPOXI® fat loss and body shaping equipment. Established in 1998, the company’s aim is to develop and produce highly effective products based on sound scientific principles. HYPOXI® GmbH’s founder, Dr Norbert Egger, has over 30 years experience in the field of lipodystrophy and weight loss. Together with a team of mechanical engineers, Dr Egger developed the range of HYPOXI® figure shaping systems which successfully combine the benefits of traditional therapy with advanced technology.

Guide to Success:

The highly competent team responsible for converting an excellent concept into the effective HYPOXI-Method® forms the basis of the company’s success. All HYPOXI® operators undergo an intensive training and development program, with a comprehensive testing and graduation system. All our coaches have a wealth of knowledge in fields such as sports, training and nutrition and a great understanding of the physiology of the human body.

HYPOXI® understands the importance of education - all HYPOXI® coaches frequently undertake refresher training on our new products and the latest industry developments. Providing you with constant supervision and guidance, your HYPOXI® coaches will ensure you achieve the best results.

Quality is the key to success:

HYPOXI® Quality Management, comprising of a competent development team and permanent Quality Controller, are in charge of ensuring the optimal and durable quality of all HYPOXI® products. All materials used are selected according to the strictest criteria. HYPOXI® Quality Management supervises every stage of the production process, from the computer design development, to the construction of moulds, to the assembly of all components parts in the HYPOXI® product which operate during its entire life cycle.

The production plant is located in close proximity to HYPOXI®’s head office in Salzburg – which enables efficient communication between the company’s management and the development and production teams. As a result of this strong link, HYPOXI® effectively implements product improvements on a regular basis to meet the needs of its users.

HYPOXI®’s Philosophy:

“There are countless definitions of beauty. We think it is the harmony between health, well-being and attractiveness.” Our aim is to help people obtain their desired figure – in a fast, natural way, without any compromise to health. Every employee at HYPOXI® strives to achieve this, ranging from the developers in the HYPOXI® research division to the coaches in all our HYPOXI® studios. Moved by this philosophy, HYPOXI® developed a method founded on well-established principles which are carried out through simple training.

Today, HYPOXI® products have proven to be so effective that the company now distributes to over 40 countries across the globe - making it the world’s leading supplier of vacuum technology based weight loss systems. HYPOXI® helps clients effectively gain confidence and improve quality of life by obtaining their desired figure.

HYPOXI® & The Body Buddies Ltd:

The Body Buddies Ltd. is the sole authorized distributor of HYPOXI® in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and China. Operating in over 2000 studios across the globe, HYPOXI® is proving not only to be an effective weight loss and cellulite solution for men and women, but also a highly profitable one. The beauty of HYPOXI® is that it can be set up in an existing health, fitness or beauty business, or established as a stand-alone studio. Please contact us on for more information.